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The impact of having more "stars" on Google Business Profile is huge for every business owners. But sometimes it is not possible to make all of customers happy and these bad reviews may hurt your business.

By leaving your profile reviews unmanaged and unprotected, it may destroy your reputation and moving your business position away from the competition. Fortunately, we have a smart solution to handle this.

Online Reviews Optimizer

Online reviews optimizer tool

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Standard plan price is included web hosting and free setup. Excl. 21% VAT. 

How does it work?

Our dedicated team has years experience in digital marketing solutions. We have the great formula how to gain more good reviews and avoid the bad ones.

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Frequently asked questions

1Does it work for my Google Business Profile?

Yes, It works for all Google Business Profile, including your business. 

2How can online reviews impact my business's search engine rankings?

Search engines consider online reviews as a crucial factor when determining search rankings. Positive reviews signal relevance and credibility to search engines, improving your business's visibility in search results.

3How can you guarantee that if I subscribe to your service, I won't receive bad reviews?

Our technologies can only reduce the likelihood of receiving unfavourable reviews; yet, you may still receive them based on the nature of your offering.

When dealing with negative reviews, it is essential to respond promptly, acknowledge the customer's concerns, offer a solution or explanation, and demonstrate your commitment to resolving the issue to maintain a positive brand image.

4Can I remove or delete negative reviews?

While you cannot directly remove negative reviews, you can address them proactively by providing excellent customer service and resolving issues. Building a base of positive reviews can help mitigate the impact of negative ones.

5How long does it take to see results from online reviews optimization?

The timeline for seeing results from online reviews optimization varies depending on factors like your industry, current review profile, and the strategies implemented. Generally, you can expect to see improvements in your online reputation within a few days to weeks.